Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling is very different from psychological therapy, coaching or mentoring. It begins and ends on the premise that every human being is now spiritually whole with an intact unlimited potential for health, loving relationships, creative self expression, natural joy and deep inner peace. It matters not what the past has been.

Because our minds create our emotions and our behaviors, the error lies there. As your spiritual counselor, I will guide you into right spiritual thought, setting up a new series of cause/effect. There is a very specific way to direct the mind that results in shifts in perception. Perception is the culprit in most cases of chronic lack or anxiety or blocked creativity.

My role as your spiritual counselor is to see you as you really are: a being of boundless capacities and open ended possibilities. Then I help you correct those concepts, religious superstitions or cultural programming that have been standing in the way of the full realization of your true nature. I will give you tools to practice at home, including how to meditate and how to give your mind a powerful treatment of spiritual truth.

Contact me directly at ccarnes7@gmail for appointments and fees.