Apr 12, 2018

You Are the Vehicle For the Power

Emerson said "Wealth is moral. The only sin is limitation." This makes sense if we take the word sin to mean "missing the mark" as it is used in archery. If we are experiencing a chronic condition of any kind that limits our ability to fully express ourselves, we are missing the mark. We are in living in sin. That is not a judgement, but a liberating truth!

Wherever there appears to be lack, turn the mind to wholeness, sufficiency, abundance. Whether it be about wealth, health, love or creativity, lack is a consciousness of incompletion. We feel as if parts of us were missing. If only we had more of this or that we would be whole. But no, we are whole now, regardless of the appearance of lack. It is nothing but a temporary manifestation of the consciousness of incompletion.

I love thinking about this: All of God is being me. That is, the very power that erupted into visibility as this universe and everything in it, inhabits everything it has formed. That simple truth changes lives when accepted and affirmed.

"There is nothing about me that is missing or incomplete. I am the whole expression of an infinite Source, forever pouring itself into the mold of my awareness. I am all I need to be to live this life fully, in perfect health, enjoying great wealth, with joy and peace."

Replace old ideas about God with the image of you as the vehicle for the Power to have a personal experience of Being. It needs you to complete itself!

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