Nov 7, 2017

We Are Our Passion

Our spiritual DNA holds many possibilities for our expression. We are not limited by any kind of predestination. Yes, we have talents that seem obvious, even in our youth. More importantly, we have the capacity to learn, to embrace new ways of thinking and being. I know people who have become quite accomplished painters and potters in their later years, who had done nothing artistic in their youth. We seem to respond to what we need to do now, such as raise children, earn money or develop a business. But lurking behind our current Do-ing is a Be-ing with boundless potential.

What stops most of us is the belief that we are a finished product, at any point in time. A "this is all there is" attitude kills our passion for discovery. Coupled with the erroneous notion that whatever we pursue should become a profession, keeps us stuck in what we have done so far. There is much more to us than we have allowed ourselves to see up until now. From here on, let's see what more we can learn, do, enjoy and give to our world.

Life is about self-discovery, self expression, the joy of being us. We are not our profession; we are our passion! Let's use our very creative minds for something new. We can begin by simply following our interests and perhaps taking a class or two. Let's see what is locked up inside us. Participation, at any level, in the things we love (like music, art, language, writing etc.) tend to connect with our own potential. We may find we have some hidden talent that would never have seen the light of day if we did not take those first steps.

Here are a few supportive ideas:

  • I am not a thing; I am a Be-ing
  • I am not a Do-ing: I am an awareness
  • I am not a body: I am a vehicle
  • I am not a lifetime: I am life eternal

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