Dec 22, 2017

Wake Up to the Real Power

If the entire history of planet earth were condensed into one year, humans would have arrived on December 31 at 11 p.m. We are newbies. That ought to make us realize the animals are far more adapted to life here than we are. They must be looking at us wondering who these intruders are and why don't they calm down and enjoy the glorious paradise this is?

Why, indeed? The problems we have allowed to emerge are the results of a misplaced use of the natural urge to create, an arrogant attitude based on a hidden inferiority complex and the ridiculous religious beliefs that caused it all. We have been living under the rules of crime and punishment instead of love and benefits that could have been our guiding principle if we had not invented that bad-ass man in the sky.

Humans have had such a low self-esteem that we have been abusing ourselves for eons. Tearing up the atmosphere, decimating the land, polluting the oceans. We act like a bunch of unruly teenagers who throw a party and trash the house while their parents are away. We act as if we own this planet and therefore can do whatever we choose to it. That is the entitlement of those who lack an authentic sense of self-worth.

God is real but not what we thought. It is in us, giving us our very breath, It is the intelligence of nature, the immensity of the universe. God is the livingness in everything, the revealing of its pure intelligence. God is the best of us, the rest of us, the not yet expressed of us. January 1 will soon be here. Wouldn't it be grand if we all woke up to our real power and used it with reverence and deep gratitude.

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