Feb 10, 2018

The Power That Makes All Things New

There is an old affirmation in our teaching: "What belongs with me cannot be kept from me." I am also fond of this one I made up "What does not belong with me cannot be active in me." For me this is a declaration of the real self, the consciousness of wholeness that is behind all other thoughts, beliefs and emotions. It is greater than any false idea about my own being and takes precedence over all as I declare it to be the power of elimination.

There is a great freedom in knowing that our true mind knows who we are; spiritual beings representing the universal limitless Spirit in our personal experience. We do not have to change our limited ideas, rather we only need to return to the Norm. We speak from that higher position of authority; I am the joy of being in form. I am love on the move. I am supply overflowing;. I am the Peace of certainty. I am a forever being in this human experience. What belongs with this awareness is evident in my life.

I suppose the point of this piece is that adjusting our mind to reflect our true self is not hard work. It is only difficult when we believe that limited ideas are who we are and have any power over true awareness. We go to the higher idea and allow it to eliminate what does not belong with us. This is called Spiritual Mind Treatment. One can readily see that it is not prayer. We are not trying to add anything to our life. We are not asking for anything to be given. We are declaring what is already so. That is the power that makes all things new.

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