Jul 14, 2017

The Mystic Within

Matthew Fox commented on our current shared reality his book "Meister Eckhart." He said we need to restart culture because the one we have now began with a philosophy of doubt, and it ought to be awe and wonder.

There is not much awe and wonder in our current experience of life on earth. We have little of it in relation to each other or to the universe itself. It is as if our heads are down, we are not connecting with the power behind all life. We have relied on priests and gurus to tell us what is true, rather than having a direct experience of it. Indeed, we were taught that we could not know anything about it without an intermediary. Intermediaries are doing business very successfully. They have become the voices of authority. Some of them have no awe and wonder themselves, having inherited the consciousness of doubt. They are constantly trying to prove the existence of something that cannot be analyzed but can only be felt.

Mystics are those who have felt the Presence and live in awe and wonder. They are the Sufis in every religion. They are tolerated by church authority but not taken very seriously. They have a child-like relationship with life, filled with joy and amazement. In fact, amazement is their shared experience. When asked why Sufis dance, Rumi said "Because life is more like a dance." We have created a world where life is more like a struggle, a striving, a challenge. It doesn't have to be this way. The Mystic in us is still alive. It is the magical child within. It can be brought into adult experience with great results. Eckhart said "Wisdom begins with awe and wonder." A little more dancing, please.

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