Dec 29, 2017

The Flow of Now

Here we are at the end of one year, about to begin again! At least that is one way of thinking about the cross over into 2018, as a new beginning. We might as well see it that way. It is far healthier than thinking we are dragging remnants of last year with us. Time plays tricks on our perception. It seems to go swiftly or to barely move, depending on how active we are. There is so much information coming at us that we feel busier than we are, making it seem like this past year has raced by, as if it had someplace to be.

We hear it said this is a time of reflection. Yes, but don't spend too much time there. We want to be like race horses at the gate. Ready to leap up into 2018 as if we are new ourselves, bringing with us only those qualities and ideas that truly serve us. It is assumed that by this time, we have learned what we needed to learn in 2017 and now we are wiser and better prepared for success!

It is a challenge to live in the realm of time, in the land of before and after. Our best moments are when we are present in the ever-lasting NOW. We must deal with time and yet, it is more of a device than a reality. We can learn to manipulate it to our liking by practicing slowing the mind and therefore being more in the HERE and NOW. Consider how much energy we expend dealing with "too late, too soon, too young, too old, too fast, too slow." All are related to the passage of time. We are either racing to get somewhere or regretting what has happened.

We are rarely HERE where there is no passage of time. There is only being and awareness. The daily practice of meditation seems to stop time, keeping us cheerful and optimistic. Isn't that what we are wanting to feel this new year, anyway? Wouldn't cheerful and optimistic be a wonderful way to experience the flow of NOW?

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