Feb 8, 2018

Surprise and Delight

Recently I was a guest at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles. We were treated to the most amazing displays of sleight of hand illusions, up close and mystifying. No matter how intently we focused on what the magician was doing, we were still baffled. "How did they do that?" was the question of the evening. It was highly entertaining, even enjoyable to not know the how of it.

Sometimes life seems like magic is being done through us. Things suddenly appear that are the perfect answer to our need. Synchronicity is in high gear and we hear ourselves exclaim "How did that happen!?" There is something magical about letting go of the need to know "how" and simply allow what feels like a cosmic magician do its work.

We can almost hear the tumblers falling into place as the universe opens up the vault of possibility. A powerful spiritual practice is trust in the higher field of Intelligence to specify just for us. It does, and it does its best when we give it room to do its magic. That space is mental and emotional. It doesn't mean to do nothing. The doing is the practice of allowing. If we were to say it in religious language it might sound like this: God knows what your heart desires; give God a chance to work it out. You will be surprise and delighted.

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