May 17, 2017

Spirit Breaking Through

Walt Whitman, our greatest poet, wrote "There will soon be no more priests; Their work is done; Every man shall be his own priest."

Intermediaries between us and the Divine are no longer necessary. Perhaps they never were. Our natural self looks within for its own Source, knowing innately that is where to find it. Praying to an outer Power was imposed on us by those who would, intentionally or not, keep us in an immature relationship with Life. Powerless people can be governed more easily; or oppressed or enslaved. Those who know where the true power is will not be so quickly swayed by the loudest voice.

The loudest voice in our culture right now might be pharmaceutical companies with their insistent message that we have many things wrong with us that a drug will alleviate. If we listen to such messages without proclaiming our wholeness, we can be lulled into a kind of fear of being alive. If so many ailments can befall us, how can we be happy and creative? It seems as if being human is a dangerous business! But our inner voice, the presence of the "divine," sings a different song. We feel the universal "I am" in us when we are silent. We learn to discern between intuition from the inner and manipulation from the outer. We follow our own heart in making decisions about how to best care for this physical form.

The release of intermediaries may be the single most liberating event in our collective consciousness. It is not to say there is no power that we can use to make all things new. It is to know that the power is in every one of us. Meister Eckhart, the mystic warrior of old, said "The Holy Spirit cannot keep from flowing into every place where it finds space, and it flows just as extensively as the space it finds there." This is why silence is golden. It empties us and opens up the space for Spirit to break through.

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