Jan 10, 2018

See How It Can Be

Those who make the great innovations in life are those who do not accept the world as it is. It is another way of saying, do not accept the apparent limitation as the last word on the subject. See through the appearance to what is possible. Focus on what can be, not what has been. This has been the advice of all the great minds who have come before us. Life is about imagination and focused attention.

There is a reason why we have a natural tendency to form groups, whether they be for prayer or protest. We instinctively know that a shared intention and enthusiasm is a great power, a creative necessity. You see it in any group where an idea is agreed upon and the members are willing to stand up for it, together. Things get changed because of shared energy.

The principle also applies to us individually. Our focus on what is possible, seen as if it is already so, is the how-to of change. Our own focus leads us into actions that facilitate the emergence of the idea in form. We are always led from within, whether we know it or not. The secret to success is to be led from vision, not emotions or memories. The past is a limitation, no matter how grand it was at the time.

The box we are supposed to think out of, is the past, how it has been up until now. Let it fall away and be replaced with how it can be. That is how everything new and beneficial is created. We are the change we wish to see.

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