Feb 9, 2018

Rearrange Our Thinking

Our positive affirmations, our bold statements declaring our right to a great life, our prayers or mental treatments have one purpose: to rearrange our thinking. The pattern of perfection is forever present. It is not our job to create it but to arrange our thoughts in support of it. Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote about this in his book This Thing Called You. He was perhaps the clearest teacher of spiritual principle in the 20th century.

Is it that simple? Is our personal perception that important? Are we the only force directing the course of our life? When we consider that we are in some way a personalized expression of Creative Intelligence, then yes, we can see how our cooperation with its tendency to produce individuality can only be made real by means of us. We have everything necessary at the level of Reality to prove the presence of love and joy, peace and plenty, creativity and vitality in us. Those qualities of being transmute into our personal experience of them.

This is so basic and yet I forget it, like you do. We have a local perception that can easily get caught up in the world of action and effects to the extent that it seems as if life happens without our permission. It seems there is something outside of us that makes things happen. But take a look back at the major changes people have brought about to our share benefit. In every case they were the result of us rearranging our thinking!

Let's do our part in creating the world of our dreams. Boldly declare: "I live in a world of peace an plenty, joy and love. I believe completely in the power of ideas. I am grateful for my mind, which is clear, enthused with great ideas and alive with promise."

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