Jan 2, 2018

Promises You Can Keep

Instead of resolutions, we make intentions. In the context of an intention is a promise we make to ourselves. That gives it a bit of a different feel. If we do not keep those promises, we are the only ones preventing our desire from taking form or becoming experience. Life is not, other people are not. Sometimes we know what to do but resist doing it. Isn't that downfall of most good intentions? We are in resistance to our own answer! It is important than we make everyday a promise keeping experience.

Make a promise you can keep. For example: If it is greater wealth we desire, we make a promise that we will celebrate the good we have now. We promise to praise wealth wherever we see it and we do not judge what others do with money. We promise to share our current prosperity in some way everyday.

If we desire better health we make a promise to love and praise our body. We promise to be grateful everyday for how perfectly it functions. We promise to choose to give our body nutritious food. We promise to take our body out dancing or running or playing a sport or walking. We give it something to do!

If we desire that perfect Love, we make a promise to love ourselves right now. We promise to be unconditional in our love for others. We promise to release any resentments we may hold against anyone from our past or present. We promise to live fully now as if we were the most beloved person in our life. We promise to open our heart to include humanity.

These are just examples of promises we can keep! Most importantly, remember: A promise kept is our miracle in the making.

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