Mar 7, 2018


This weekend we will set our clocks forward. I love daylight savings time but some complain that we "lose" an hour. Of course we actually "gain" an hour of daylight. It is all made up, a perception of time that is not real in the true sense of the word. We are manipulating our experience of it, which is what we do with everything.

We manipulate our experience according to how we are feeling. When we bring a sour mood with us, something as innocuous as a grocery line becomes a huge imposition. The person behind us is happily chatting on their phone. They are having a completely different experience of waiting than we are. We might find them irritating as well. Then the guy ahead of us notices we have only three items. He lets us take his turn. Now who is manipulating who? It all depends on how we react or respond, does it not?

Since we live in a world of other people, diverse experiences, machinery and technology, we had best be prepared to interact with it. It is as simple as managing our own perception. Ernest Holmes, author of The Science of Mind, when asked about measuring one's spiritual growth said something like; if everyday you are a bit more positive, a bit less reactive, feeling more at home in the world, you are making progress. He did not say you will see white lights or angels or hear the voice of God. No, he was speaking about how we perceive everyday experience, that is the key. Happy or mad? Relaxed or anxious? It is our choice and our most precious power.

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