Nov 9, 2017

Our Common Source

Marcus Aurelius: "One world made up of all things. One divinity present in them all. One law that all rational beings share and one truth."

He summed it up as well as it has ever been stated, back in the days of the Roman Empire. Truth is truth, and it shall always be so. It is so simple, yet, living in the physical realm makes it seem unlikely. We can point to any number of people, places, things and events that seem to be the truth. We call the economy our source of wealth, the past our source of the present, certain food the source of our health. We give power to everything outside of us and almost completely ignore the divinity in us. We have been seduced by the world of form.

In the mystical traditions, it is considered a deep spiritual practice to be in the world but not of it, yet fully engaged with it. I would call it an art. The only way to manage such a delicate balance is to have some degree of awareness of who we actually are. This comes from silence and introspection. We will not get it from the outer world. It does not know who we are nor does it care. It cannot because the outer world is nothing but an effect of what we collectively believe about ourselves. The cause sits with us, always.

Aren't you tired of being told who you are? Too fat, too old, too this or that; take a pill and numb the pain. It is time for those of us who have any sense of the greater truth to step up our own practice. We need to take charge of our self-identity and, also, to see humanity in a more natural light. Let's stop pointing fingers and instead, affirm our common source and our shared responsibility to make this a better world for everyone.

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