Nov 13, 2017

Our Collective Emergent Pattern

Do you ever give thanks that you are not like those souls who wreak havoc on the world? Are you aware of the great contribution you make by simply being kind and understanding of the struggles of others? Aren't you glad that you have no problem with diversity, that you love difference? "Do no Harm" may be the medical motto, but it could well serve the rest of us. This does not mean being a doormat or a "new age wimp" but proactive in our intention to bring more joy into this shared reality.

How do we do that when things seem to be in such a state of chaos? I heard a scientist remark that if we look closely at what seems chaotic, we will see emerging patterns. The emergent pattern that we find ourselves participating in right now, is a world that works for everyone. It is a pattern of inclusivity, of real equality for all, of creative and innovative thought about how to make it all happen.

We are in a revolution of ideas; spirituality over religion; care-taking over dominance; Nature first, technology used wisely; the value of all people; a deep belief in our common source. It may take many earth years to achieve, but don't be surprised by some leaps, too. It is our daily thoughts, our treatment of others, our self-respect, our love of Nature, our belief in sufficiency, our celebration of diversity that support the emergent pattern. The only thing we ever experience is the content of our awareness, individually and collectively. What we need to do is to demand that Love and intelligence are in perfect right relationship in ourselves, first, and by extension, the world.

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