Dec 19, 2017

Now Moments

This is the time of the year when we look back and look forward with equal interest. What did we learn this year that will serve us in the new one? What will we leave behind in the "dead" past? What shines brightly in our mind as a vision for the future? Is looking forward more important than looking back? They each have their place, but the past must become an educational tool, nothing more. Regrets and resentments have no place in tomorrow.

The Light of personal vision is the power that makes all things new. It is usually a picture of how we want to live, a feeling, an enthusiasm. Maintaining it is paramount in its becoming a physical reality, as real as it is in our mind. Each new day quickly becomes yesterday as we flow through time. Our goal is to keep the flame of cheerful expectation alive. It inspires and motivates us to reach out, to serve, to initiate new ways of being in the world.

With the conscious appreciation of this now moment and the next, we become increasingly aware that there is no such thing as the past or the future. There is only a continuance of awareness. Ah! That is the secret. It is our choice as to what we will keep alive in our personal awareness. That is a reliable predictor of experience. Let us make some decisions today about the now moments of 2018. How will I live? What will I love? What will I support and foster? Who belongs with me? Where do I choose to be? You will have your own questions and you will be the only one with the right answers.

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