Dec 13, 2017

Nothing Happens Without Us

People often say "Everything happens for a reason." That may be valid but there is another perspective that enlarges the idea. It is: "This is a component of something bigger." Sometimes we cannot make sense of what is happening in our lives, individually and collectively. But when we have a vantage point from the future, we can see how it all fits together, rather like a crazy quilt. Crazy quilts were popular with home crafters when fabric was in short supply. Bits and pieces were sewn together with the result being a lovely but unexpected pattern. Something like that is happening now.

There is a rising conversation that has been locked up in our psyche for a very long time. It had to emerge in order to make room for bigger ideas about humanity, equality, and our place in the general order of things. In New Thought spirituality, we know that if something is missing in our life, there is something else taking up the space where it could reveal itself. The space is in our mind. If we are habitually thinking about what we do not have or what is so terrible on the news, we have effectively neutralized the greater good that is wanting a place in our life.

By focusing on what is Intelligent and Good and taking steps to facilitate its emergence, we are doing our part in bringing it about. The first steps might be affirmation, belief and conscious thought. The outer action could be how we vote, organizing others, volunteering, blogging. The mistake is in thinking we are not part of the great shift. Nothing happens without us. As someone observed "We either create, promote or allow it."

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