Apr 11, 2018

Make All Things New

John Randolph Price named three aspects of Mind that are very personal to us. There is the Knower, (the universal self); the Doer, (the subjective level) where the Law is enacted; the Chooser, (the conscious mind). What is true of the conscious mind is its ability to Know a greater truth than the accepted facts, and to override what is stored in the subconscious and thereby give the Law the new choice to enact.

There is a new documentary about Ram Dass and his current life on Maui following the massive stroke he experienced a few years ago. He is a happy man, full of love and joy. His Knower is leading the pack, so to speak. He stays current in his thoughts, not dwelling on the limitations of his body. He chooses to delight in this now moment. He is a great example of someone who is truly alive.

Most of the time we ignore the Knower and the Chooser and allow the Law to automatically DO what we gave it to do in some previous moment or perhaps previous incarnation! In the 1970s, Ram Dass became well known after the publication of his book, Be Here Now. It was life-changing for millions of us who were seeking the core of spirituality. It led me to the Science of Mind, which is the how-to of it. It teaches tools and techniques for keeping the Chooser in sync with the Knower. That is the secret that when practiced, makes all things new.

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