Always, we are immersed in effects. Everything is a result of some cause. Most of the world thinks the effect is more real than the cause and many assume that things "just happen." To attribute life to nothing more than happenstance is to negate the personal stake we have in our own destiny. Are we like leaves blowing in the wind, never knowing where we will land, or do we have some hidden capacity for directing our personal journey? How different life would be if we accepted that Cause rests within our own mind.

The problem is with the word "mind." It is not the same thing as our brain. Mind is a composite of awareness. What we call our mind is a personal use of a field of consciousness, or Intelligence, that we access through intentional use of our attention. Focus on Love, for example, and our whole being is filled with it. If we maintain its presence in us, we begin to see it reflected in our experience. The key is maintaining its presence. It is all too easy to be convinced that the effects of our collective mind are greater than our own inner Truth. Notice how easily you can be swayed by merely watching the evening news.

Can we maintain the presence of abundant supply while the economy is on a downward spiral? Do we feel the reality of peace while the world is in conflict? Are we engaged in creative ideas when it seems we are not moving forward? Maintaining the presence of what we desire is the key to depth change in our experience. One has to be patient, diligent and willing to allow the presence of whatever we are envisioning to come through us, by means of us into visibility.