Jan 4, 2018

Look for the Good and Praise it

Emerson wrote about a sense of stillness that "follows a pageant that has just gone by." We might think of last year in that way. Now there is a stillness, should we allow our mind to perceive it, that disallows any remnants of last year in this moment. We came, we saw, and we are still here in this potent moment of possibility.

For me it is extremely important that I do not fill my mind with foreboding or projections of anything other than great good for us all. I sense a most peculiar pressure to make sure I am alive with real faith in humanity. It is we who can make all things new by the content of our mind. We need to get together and announce "Now we are all free!"

Someone gave me a book to read this week. We have a book shelf in our complex and this was a new addition. I read the first chapter and took it back. I simply could not allow the images of murder and mayhem to be in my mind. There is no room in the inner sanctum for descriptions of torture and gore. Not that I ignore what is going on in the world, but I choose to be more selective about what I will allow myself to entertain as our reality.

Focusing on the Good, the True and the Beautiful might seem like burying our heads in the sand, were it not for the fact that what we think about tends to amplify and come about in real time experience. There is so much beauty and love in this world. It doesn't make the news, but it is real and it is up to us to bring it into our immediate attention. "Look for the Good and Praise it" is fine advice; then we get involved and create some of it ourselves.

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