Nov 8, 2017

Life is Our Silent Partner

Ernest Holmes wrote that Life itself is our silent partner. This is based on the accepted idea of Life as a pervasive intelligence, conscious and everywhere present in its awareness. It is not so unusual, but stated in ways that are more direct than old religious metaphor. Religion calls Life, "God" and gives it a shape and form (although that image is evolving for many); teaching that God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. Yes, Life is everywhere, is Power itself and is conscious. One can see its awareness in Nature, from the intelligence of animals to the constant appearance, disappearance and reappearance of life forms. It is easy to see how Life supports life. Studies have shown that even the tiniest insects and plants have enough consciousness to be what they are.

Humans are hyper conscious, if you will. We are aware of past, present and future. We can even dive deeply into the silence of NOW and feel the timelessness of our being. We can project ideas into the future and relive the past as if it were happening now. Our minds are the universal aspect of self-awareness. It also has a local aspect. This is our greatest challenge.

Spirituality and its practices are designed to harmonize the universal and the local awareness of individuals. If a critical mass of us are so developed, the whole population of our planet will be affected. Our daily practice is essential to the evolution of consciousness that Life intends. Meditation, silence, treating the mind to ideas of our ever-present capacity for creative change, contemplation of the nature of reality, being in Nature are some of the ways we assist in our own evolution. It doesn't just happen; it is a response from Life to life.

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