Dec 11, 2017

Life is For Us

In the teachings of Ernest Holmes, particularly in a little book titled "This Thing Called You" he reiterates the importance of knowing and stating there is no restriction in the action of the Spirit. It moves freely without congestion through all life, restoring that life in its image and likeness. That is, restoring each life to wholeness; translated into human experience that means health, wealth, love joy, peace and creativity. When we announce this truth, why not know it for all of humanity? Do we really want to be the only one who experiences our natural wholeness? Wouldn't our shared reality be forever elevated if we all felt this truth and lived as if it were so?

In the days ahead there will be a growing awareness that much of how we behave is rooted in religious beliefs that are now seen as false, manipulative and oppressive. This will be the greatest shift since we figured out the true shape of the planet! Everything will be a reflection of new beliefs. Of course, since we are dealing with an Infinite power, the new ideas will evolve as well. It is the nature of things to grow in awareness. Our current issue is in denying the very real fact that many religious beliefs are seriously dangerous to the well-being of humanity.

It is time for us to "put away childish things" and view the universe from a scientific and spiritual perspective. There is a lavishly and relentlessly giving action taking place at all times, everywhere, all at once, all of it. We are in the stream of its giving. It passes through us and we extend the gift by our self expression. As long as we are expressing from our own wholeness, we shall never be depleted. I long for the day when the whole world is awake to this simple truth. Life is for us and never against us.

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