Dec 21, 2017

Lead With Love

Do what you love but do it with love.  Love is the only variable in predicting results.  The more love we put into our actions, the better we feel, the happier we are and, incidentally, we have helped make the world a more enjoyable place for others.  The Love we are speaking of is not valentine romance love.  It is the spiritual awareness of being one with that gives us the feeling of love.  What is the Love feeling if not oneness? It is when we feel separate from Life in all its forms and possibilities that we are unhappy.

Can we be in love with our work?  In the sense that we love our SELF, it will show in how we do anything. Taken a step further, if we are in love with BEING, it kind of doesn't matter what we are doing.  However, it is more likely we will find a way to express our SELF that is perfect for our personality and talents. Love leads the way in everything that turns out well in our estimation.

It is almost impossible to love others if we do not love our very BEING first.  In a cosmic sense, others are part of us, or we could say part of our quantum tribe. Starting with who we are, the natural effect is felt at the quantum level by everyone who resonates at the same vibration.  As Thaddeus Golas asked himself in a moment of illumination "Well just who was it you thought needed to be loved?"

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