Nov 10, 2017

Insist on Truth

It is strange to be in the midst of a reality change, yet here we are. Those who are not aware of what is happening are probably troubled, if not frightened. Our old cherished beliefs about God, sexuality, gender, race, government, economy, the rest of the world, are changing so fast it is hard to keep up. But what we see are the hidden effects rising into our shared perception. The sexual harassment and assaults that were once covered up are no longer acceptable. We are finding the extreme racism that led to lynchings and random killings to be almost unbelievable and unfathomable in our world view. The horrors that others have endured are no longer "not our problem." The same is true of the world's children. We simply cannot and will not turn our backs on their plight. The condition of our planet has become an immediate concern.

At the core of it all this is the realization of our interconnection and or interdependence. At the turn of the last century, HH the Dalai Lama said the awareness of our oneness with each other and everything else was the most important thing to know. He felt it would change everything for the better if we only knew that simple truth and understood how it all works. We are getting there. Thanks goes to the Internet that has helped us interact with many people in many parts of the world, instantaneously. Public television and the National Geographic channel, to name two, have brought us intelligent and informational programming about Nature and how we are part of it. The information is available that could help us turn our attention to the solutions for all our challenges.

The reason religion is key is because it has long held that humans are not equipped to solve their problems without the intervention of an outside God. But today New Thought spirituality, (which is as ancient as it is current) shows us that God is within each one of us as our potential. We are all more than we thought we were. We are capable of bringing about a world that works for everyone. The chaos we are experiencing is nothing but old ideas fighting for their last breath. Keep affirming and insisting on the Truth and it surely shall set us all free.

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