Nov 29, 2017

Inner Peace

Epictetus: People are disturbed not by things, but by the view they take of them.

In his book, From Science to God, Dr. Peter Russell asserts that the peace we seek is already present in us. What we must do to experience it (note the distinction from "achieving" peace,) is to stop wanting things to be different; stop being upset when things don't go as we wish; stop blaming others for anything and stop worrying. Behind all of those mind-sets is peace.

What we call peace is a resting place between thoughts and it can be known in this moment of NOW. This is one reason that meditation is so effective in inducing states of happiness in those who practice it regularly. We can contact it instantaneously regardless of how turbulent the outer world may be in that moment.

It is unfortunate that most people do not know this is available to them right now. There is a misunderstanding of what meditation is. It is not religious, it is as natural as breathing. In our world where the emphasis is on DOING, we have little respect for NON-DOING, which is equally effective in helping us achieve our goals by enhancing our performance in the outer world. A person who walks with a deeper feeling of peace and presence is a person who will radiate confidence and good will. They become success magnets. Stop what you are doing and sit with no agenda. The silence will eventually take you to peace. You need to do NOTHING every day.

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