Jul 15, 2017

Inner Fire

One does not have to be a tennis fan to recognize the monumental achievements of two players who have made it into the final matches held this weekend at Wimbledon. Venus Williams, who is 37 years old, who has a chronic illness, who has been out of the game for months at a time suffering with fatigue and Roger Federer who is 36, having won 18 major matches, who was thought to be finished with professional tennis, came back to play as well or better than he did ten years ago. They are being celebrated, of course, but they are also showing us what mental focus can do.

The commentators speak less of their natural talent for the game and more of their "Inner fire." The determination to excel at what they love is apparent to anyone who has followed their careers. We see a similar intent in wounded warriors who come home from combat with terrible physical damage. What is still intact in every case, is the "Inner fire." A conscious decision to be seen and known for who they really are, not as they appear.

Often, great loss brings out the essential core of our soul, but it doesn't have to be that way. Do we have to be motivated by catastrophe, or can we draw on that inner self beginning with a recognition its existence? Yes, and at any point in time we can raise our own game, as it were. We can outdo our own previous success. We have what it takes to triumph over our own fear and doubts. We can lift our mind to new levels of self-realization; that is, to make real the promise of the sages: we are greater than any experience we have ever had or are in the midst of right now. That is the way champions think. That is the way we move forward in this game of life.

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