Mar 9, 2018

Fully Alive

Whenever I see one of those "in memoriam" tributes to celebrities who have passed on, I have the same experience. I think two things; "everybody dies" and "where are they?" It is likely because they were so huge in our world, so well known, and had such an influence on our culture that I am so affected. I can remember when I was 7 or 8 years old, I could not imagine that Bing Crosby would ever die. That was because Bing Crosby was the most famous person in my world at that time. I could not see a life that did not include him. A child's thought, because of course, life went on and a new person became such a big presence, and then another and another.

Naturally, we deeply feel the reality of death when it is someone we are close to, someone we love. We like to think they live on in another dimension, and maybe they do, but for us here they can only live in our mind and heart. We remember times together and hear them laugh or speak to us. It is all imagination but that is one of the great characteristics of mind; it is a time traveler. It can venture out into the future or wander in the past. It is also capable of the exquisite experience of being fully aware in this moment. Oddly, that is the hardest one to do and entire spiritual traditions have been built to teach us how.

If we are thinking of the past or the future, that is an experience we are having now, but it is not an experience OF NOW. Does that make sense? And so the wise ones have offered the answer; slow the thoughts, stop the clock, train the mind to relax, slip into the gap between ideas, be still. Then when we go out into the world of time and space, life and death, form and experience, we can be truly present and involved with this immediate opportunity: to be fully alive.

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