Jan 9, 2018

Energy Toward a Greater Good

When someone loses a great amount of weight do you ever wonder where the fat goes? Simply put, it is stored energy and when it is called upon to provide fuel, it melts. It is put to good use.

People carry around lots of stored energy in other ways, too; like resentments and repressed anger or fear. Because the body does not need these energies and in fact, they interfere with its perfect functioning, the psyche finds ways to displace them; usually at someone else's expense; the over-the-top reaction to a perceived slight; sudden mood swings; sarcasm and rudeness. If the bearer of these negative energies is concerned about looking good to others, they might become depressive, rather than aggressive.

In a rather twisted way, we are always trying to cooperate with the natural tendency to health and well-being. We find ways, unconsciously, to get rid of dark energy. Unfortunately, they rise again until we change the pattern we have been supporting. That simply means, owning the dark and replacing it with light. It is somewhat like adopting a program of good eating and exercise. Now we take up ideas of our innate wholeness and personalize them. "I am right now a clean slate. I am fully prepared to love and be loved" (as an example).

Dark energy, like fat, is the result of past choices. Make some new ones and we use that old stored stuff in a positive way, to our greater good.

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