May 18, 2017

Be In The World But Not Of It

Jesus spoke of "being in the world but not of it," and Eckhart said "be among things but not in things." As spiritual teachers, they were about showing ordinary people that the path of action is just as valid as contemplation and solitude for the purpose of "salvation." Retaining one's solitude in the midst of the crowd, as Emerson stated, is perhaps the more challenging of the two.

There is much to be resisted in today's world, but why resist? Why not go about our work as a dedication to the higher nature of humanity? Why not hold a vision for a better world while we are attending to our everyday business? This does not mean to be ignorant, it means to be aware of the greater possibility in the ever-present now. Since "salvation" in our experience means to bring more love, joy, peace, wisdom, creativity, vitality, beauty, order and intelligence into life, we must be out there doing our work to achieve our soul's intention. We save ourselves from the fearful, competitive, unwise ego demands for power and attention.

To do our work for no other reason than to bring out our better nature, and possibly that of others, is a serious spiritual path. Perhaps that is the downside of retirement. We might feel as if we have abandoned our soul's purpose. However, there is other work to be done, that of the volunteer. Our presence is welcome in many places that are also trying to bring humanity up to a higher level of interaction. We are needed and necessary to the ongoing elevation of human experience. It is our real vocation.

Try this: "Today I dedicate my work to the Spirit in all of us. May it shine brighter because of my actions."

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