Mar 12, 2018

Ask the Big Questions

There are dozens of squawking geese on the lake where I am this morning. They sound like a bunch of dogs yapping or if I want to imagine it another way, they are barking seals. I used to live near a river where the geese would congregate every Spring, coming home from the South. I was just far enough away that I heard them as people at a cocktail party, celebrating something.

Things are often not what they seem to be. The imagination is amazingly adept at turning perception into reality. We hear a sound in the night; our heart beats faster, we think it is a burglar; we look around for something to protect ourselves; maybe we hide under the covers. On closer inspection we find a family of raccoons on the porch scraping around, looking for food. We laugh at our previous fears, wondering why we jumped to conclusions.

I wish humans would do that with religion; look closer at their assumptions and question their perception. Do I really believe in actual places called heaven and hell? Is there a Being who looks like a man somewhere up there in the sky deciding who does what? Does the universe run on crime and punishment or is it more of a constant creating intelligence? Is Love something more than personal emotion? Is there a power for Good in this universe? Have I noticed a feeling of response to me from an invisible power? Is it even possible that my life is pre-destined? Or do I have everything to say about how it unfolds from here? Wouldn't it stand to reason that science would eventually discover how it all works? Why would I fear that? Spiritually mature people are not afraid to ask the big questions.

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