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You are undoubtedly an original thinker, a person of vision for yourself and the world; otherwise you would not be visiting this site. Thank you for stopping by.

You probably already believe there is nothing the human mind cannot achieve. With some understanding of our place in the Creative Process that is always in motion, we have the capacity to literally fashion our personal and shared reality.

Modern spirituality is about using our mind in a conscious, inclusive, compassionate and loving way to shift our sense of possibility into high gear. Everything in my work is about opening minds and hearts to the Truth that sets us all free.

We are the download of a Creative Intelligence; the personification of the Source of all; the individualization of Pure Love; the revelation of Cosmic Joy; we are the outlet for the constant flow of ideas, energy and supply which produce the physical experience of success, prosperity, joy, loving relationships and vital health.

If this is of interest to you, read my book The Way In. Also read This Thing Called You by Dr. Ernest Holmes, Spiritual Liberation by Michael Bernard Beckwith, Sacred Thinking by Jim Lockard, The Art of Being by Dennis Merrit Jones and Life's Operating Manual by Tom Shadyac. Don't miss Tom's film, "I AM."

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The Spiritual Path

    May 22, 2017

It is easy to be religious and follow a set of rules. It takes no deep thought to do what has been handed down as Truth. The lie will be protected by the very people it oppresses, without their ever getting the joke. Poverty is not a gift to God. The church is not God's house. It is a building that requires maintenance. Someone who travelled with Mohandas K Gandhi said "It takes a lot of money to keep Gandhi poor." It is expensive to maintain the church but the church is rich because of its supporters, many of whom are very poor. God is not something to worship while injustice prevails.


The Feminine Side of Our Collective Value

    May 19, 2017

On my tv show yesterday I heard myself make the prediction that for the next decade or two we will be in a battle with the status quo to include the Feminine in our collective value system. We will see that a certain type of male power has caused the terrible imbalance we see in the world today. I say a certain type because all men are not part of it. In fact, the greater percentage of men, especially the young ones, are as disturbed by this lop-sided reality as we women are.